For a weekend each year, this is when many familiar faces gather. It’s when we are exchanging stories, recollecting past memories, and before drifting apart, we make a promise to keep in touch and God willing, to meet again at the same place, the next year. It’s when we relive the “good old days” of our teenagehood in this beloved Alma Mater, we rekindle the joy of being a student.

In 2019, we, the batch of 1999 will be taking the honor and the responsibility to organize this unique event. We sincerely hope that we will be able to find a balance between old and young, between tradition and pragmatism. But above all, we hope that it will continue to serve as a foundation of unity among all of us, brothers.

In so doing, we would be grateful if you could share your aspirations and expectations of what STAR Old Boys Weekend 2019 should be. Please kindly spend your precious 5 minutes to put in your suggestion in the form here:

We have also set up an online registration for next year’s old boys weekend, right here on this website. Should you wish to register, please click on the REGISTER link above, or here:

Lastly, on behalf of Batch of 1999, we would like to thank Batch of 1998 for a well organized weekend, all past organizers and we do hope you will continue to support us for next year and of course to continue supporting our school on any endeavor, to the best of our ability.